rejecting blogspot, voip
okay. the other night, i bought "" and got hosting at godaddy. it takes 24 - 48 hours to set-up my linux server; once that is done, then i'll create my mysql db and configure that; then, i'll download wordpress 2.0 and configure it and ftp that to my hosting provider; i wish i could ssh, but godaddy doesn't allow that. after all this, then i'll need to import all my blogger posts to my new blog using a utility in wordpress 2.0. i'm excited and look forward to getting this done and getting off of blogger.

i could've used typad. it would've been easier, but i prefer flexibility and it'll be fun configuring wordpress and mysql.

it also would've been much easier to have hosted with yahoo!, but i decided to go with godaddy instead. i think yahoo!is probably much easier, just more expensive, but certainly less work. wordpress is already bundled with their package and not much configuration needs to be done at all.

i really wish cable providers serviced where we live. because it's a new house in an older neighborhood, comcastdidn't extend their cable lines to our house. instead, i was forced to go with qwest dsl. i have to say, it's not bad at all. but, having dsl precludes me from signing up with vonage.

there's a new breed of skype-like services: web-activated telephony in a click, for super cheap rates, often anywhere in the world. jajah is one of the more interesting ones. jajah opens up voip telephony via the web to everybody. there's no software to download at all. unlike yahoo messenger,

gtalk, or skype, jajah just allows you to put your number in a field and the number you want to call, then jajah connects them together and you talk via your computer. it's cool, easy, and cheap.

this is cool and practical technology.
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