omniture initial public offering
omniture -- a leader in web analytics -- filed an S1 to go public. congratulations to them and best of luck with the offering. this will be a great boost to the utah economy and bring more visibility to the potential of utah business and technology. a few notes on the S1:

revenues are decent,

* 2003, ~$8MM

* 2004, ~$20MM

* 2005, ~$40MM they have operated at a loss every year (except for 2003), with a loss of $17MM in 2005; this means they are growing at a loss. they have an impressive client list. given the financials, a few questions come to mind:

* can they sustain the double-digit growth going forward?

* they're losing money -- can or will the market bear that?

* they face some tough competitors -- urchin (google analytics) & websidestory.
best of luck to them. even though there's an S1, there is still a chance they don't go public. it just depends now on the sec comments, the results of the road show, and if they'll be able to respond to the comments from the street in regards to their quarterly growth projections. we'll see. best of luck to omniture.
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