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later tonight i'll be posting my experience at; i worked there from 2003 - 2005 and really enjoyed my time there. i've started writing my experience at & i'll finish it tonight. in the mean time, i invite all former amazonians to share their experiences while an employee at here are some general guidelines:

* details, details, details
* share about your interview experience
* what did you do there
* when and where did you work for
* your least favorite core value & why
* why did you join
* why did you leave

* openly slander people by name (don't mention names)
* don't share your own name
* sign your post with (your gender, years worked at amazon)

here's the process:

respond to this posting by posting an anonymous comment. the comment will be routed to me for approval. instead of approving it as a comment, i'll post it as a bonafide posting. no names. no trouble.

again, i invite all former amazonians to share your story here.
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