lunch with mozy, gtalk, who is henry gale, & the ultimate fighter
i had lunch today with josh coates. we ate a mexican restaurant called mama chu's. food was good. chiminichanga. josh is the founder of a cool backup service called mozy. backup is an irritating computing problem -- annoying for end-users, small businesses, and large corporations. mozy is an answer to the backup problem. check out mozy. it's cool, free, and it will save your data.

the new interface to gtalk recently came out. it looks and feels much better. gtalk is getting closer to aim and instant messenger in terms of features, usability, and quality.

who is henry gale? i'm so intrigued by the "others". who are these people?

the ultimate fighter season 3 is now underway. episode 1 was cool. tito ortiz and ken shamrock are the coaches. tito's public persona is of a mean and rough guy. but, as a coach he's seems actually very nice and personable. he seems . . . human. ken shamrock, on the other hand, is a decent fighter, but not a good coach at all. he's indecisive, narrow, and just plain old. and, he didn't bring a submission guy as an assistant coach. c'mon! how can you teach mixed martial arts without any submission training? ken openly admits that he's not a submission guy, but that he's a slugger and a leg-lock guy. his team is going to suffer from his poor decision here.

i'm excited for this season.
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