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i got a hold of last months utah business magazine article on utah's 40 under 40. having recently moved to utah, it was encouraging to see the promising and thriving business environment here. i'm especially impressed by the number of entrepreneurs in utah and the cool and innovative businesses they have built; it was interesting to read the profiles of those featured in the article. congratulations to them and i look forward to reading more about utah's up-and-coming business leaders and, in my small way, contribute to the growth of utah's business community.

google released an april fool's called google romance. it's entertaining to read. i think some people got fooled by this prank.

arnold schwarzenegger uses the phrase "things of that nature" a lot. it's hilarious that californians voted him as governor (i was a californian, but i didn't vote for him). california's 21 billion budget deficit is a tough problem to solve, and it certainly doesn't look like arnold is helping it any. a little coupon-cutting mentality and fiscal responsibility would help, i think.

lately i've really enjoyed vegetarian foods. i'm not vegetarian, but i think vegetarian food is super good. i really enjoy silk drinks & veggie burgers, and things of that nature.

apple turns 30 years old today! when i worked at inoveon, i had a mac and i loved working on it. apple had just released jaguar and i loved having a unix shell and easily working in that environment, but had the flexibility to use the click-and-drag widgets too.

industrial design and usability are chief at apple and they truly excel at it. i remember watching the macworld where steve jobs unveiled the luminiscent keyboard of the ibook -- the crowd went crazy.

simple innovation, but addressed a critical need. that's exactly the kind of breakthrough innovation they are well known for and excel at. since inoveon, i've been a pc user. but, i saw the less expensive macs at costco the other day and, apple recently release the dual boot feature. i think i'll save some money and buy myself one of these pretty macs from costco.

next to the apple and the dyson vacuum, i don't think there's any product that comes close to best-in-class industrial design, aesthetics, and ease-of-use. any other nomination for this category?
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