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i received an invitation to my older brother's graduation. he is at columbia university. he will finish this summer and will be an anesthesiologist. i'm proud of my brother.

the letter had a stamp with his daughter's picture on it. i was surprised by it, but then later thought that it is kind of cool. he created that stamp at

pictures of little cute kids on stamps is alright; but, if i got a stamp with a picture of an adult or, even worse, a picture of myself, then i'd consider it junk mail.

i downloaded mozy a few weeks ago. it's a really cool service. the brains behind this gig is josh coates. he's a veteran in the distributed systems and storage space. check it out; it's cool, easy, free, & it might save your life in case anything happened to your hard drive.

basura -- i live in a nice neighborhood in a nice house, but my next door neighbor loves cars and have a bunch of them. car enthusiast seem to work on their cars a lot and ignore the rest of the world, their families, and persnoal hygiene. weird and strange. greasy.

Homie... I love your blog... let's get a stamp made with you and me on it!

SSS... your brotha-from-anotha-motha,

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