4.07.2006 work experience #4
i earned my ba & ms from the university of washington -- in computer science witha ba in economics and computer science. i was recruited right out of school. amazon is a place where you do cool stuff on the first day. on my first day, i was put on the music store team. it was fun and we worked hard to get the store up and the features that we thought would compete. our goal was to get to market quickly -- rapid deployment is the goal. that project lasted about 3 months and it was an awesome experience to know that something you created is used by millions of people everyday.

compensation at amazon is weird. cash salary is low for someone with my background ($75K), but they give out a lot of stock. bonuses are all in stock. i always ranked either a 4 or 5 every year and i got about 300 rsu bonus shares every year. it's amazon's way of keeping you there longer.

if you don't care that much about money, but care a lot about doing cool stuff and changing the way people use the web -- even on the first day, work at amazon. work experience there kicks. you won't get that kind of exposure and work experience anywhere else.

i left to begin my little search startup.

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