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after several months of living in corporate housing, we finally moved into our new house. we all love it and we feel very blessed. the home-buying process for this one was not pain-free: this is a great, brand new home, that is seriously undervalued --

it is a short sale, which means that the owner is selling it for much, much less than what is owed on it. it's a great deal; there were over 10 offers on the house, but we got it in the end.

there are many other undervalued homes on a site called realtytrac. there are awesome bank-owned, pre-foreclosure, or foreclosed homes on the site. check it out.
we're so excited that we got the house; our church is great; the neighborhood is great and we are really happy to be in utah. home buying can be a pain, but i can see myself as a real estate investor, especially if i find more undervalued properties like this one -- we recently got an appraisal on the home and it is valued at much, much higher than what we paid for it.

to help me get more organized, i bought a new FranklinCovey Planner. i figure it's about time i get something to help me be more organized.

our house is situated in an old neighborhood; it's a brand new house and we love it. because it is so new, comcast didn't extend their cable lines to our house. so, i had to get dsl from qwest dsl. we are very happy with qwest. it's fast and does the job. i even considered peoplepc below because it looked like a good deal:

but i decided to go with qwest dsl.

the kids love our house and the neighborhood. we're pretty excited to be living here. we're very fortunate.

we also got the the dish and blinds installed.
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