moved a lot
in our 9 years of marriage, we've moved several times. yes, it's my fault. the phrase "mover and a shaker" not only means moving vertically in your career, but also geographically. in my case, i mostly moved geographically. i've done okay, career-wise, but we sure have moved and lived in several places.

we started in utah where i attended undergrad. we then moved to chicago for grad school. we worked there for a while, then we moved to oklahoma for work. then, we moved to nevada to work for amazon; i was based there but i traveled to the other facilities also -- at the time, amazon had 13 fulfillment centers. after, we moved to corona, california to work for kaiser permanente. we sold our house there a few months ago...

we're now in utah, working for a good company; i'm planning on staying for a while i like where i work and see a lot of potential here. i'm fortunate to have been and worked at where i've worked. i can always go back to -- my boss is now the head of world wide fulfillment & customer service -- he says there's an open door. amazon was so fun and such a great place to work. i'll share later why i left.

the tool above is from frappr -- a very cool tool, currently in beta; it's got some bugs, but it's fun to play with and rudimentarily works.
Tell us about Amazon? Plus, how many times have you moved and where? I have moved a lot in 9 years too (if you count my mission areas, dorms, apartments, etc).
Please move one more time. Maybe to........ Brentwood California??? I think 10 moves sounds better than 9, (o:
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